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sexually abused two boys. >> it focused on jerry sandusky. former coach mike mcqueary came forward to testify what he saw jerry sandusky do during after hours. mcqueary said he was in a penn state shower room when he heard to slapping sounds like skin on skin. i looked in the mirror and saw jerry in the shower with a young boy. it stopped when he slammed the door and he told joe paterno that he had seen something way over the line. now the judge in today's hearing has decided that there is enough evidence to try both shultz and athletic director tim curley. reporting for abc2 news. >> stay with for the latest development in the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse case. >>> the fbi is opening a case. they're handing out sketches around the washington, d.c. area. they show a man known as the potomac river rapist. he is suspected in the rape. investigators are offering a $25,000 reward. >>> the director of the fbi has given an okay to move forward with the definition of rape. robert mueller said the updates will take effect in the spring. critics have said the way it is def
. >>> the latest tonight on the penn state sex abuse scandal. jerry sandusky will face his accusers in court. they're expected to give details under oath about how sandusky molested them years ago. but the prosecutor's star witness may be changing his tune. >> reporter: this started with what mike mcquery saw. did the assistant coach actually see jerry sandusky sodomize a 10-year-old boy in a penn state shower in 2002 or just hear what he thought was a sex act. according to an article in the patriot news, a friend of the mcquery family told the grand jury he spoke with him on the night of the alleged incident and that mcquery said he never saw sandusky having sex with a boy. >> mcquery is the only eyewitness. >> reporter: penn state students rioted when joe paterno was fired. he insists mcquery never saw it. >> these allegation are false. i didn't do those things. >> reporter: that will be the big issue during the preliminary hearing, put it star witness is deemed too inconsistent, that could jeopardize the case against sandusky. >> it is significant. if it's true that hey's giving these different
have to use your best judgment. >>> coming up, jerry sandusky once again a free man tonight but that freedom came at a hefty price. the latest on the scandal surrounding the former penn state coach. >>> cot fountain of -- could the fountain of youth be in washington, d.c. residents of 1600 pennsylvania avenue may live longer lives. >>> >>> women are being warned about taking certain types of contraceptives. today's was on bayer's yasmi) the ortho he va patch and others were linked to high blood clot links. a former official has accused bear of being aware of the risks and hiding the evidence. >>> we've got good news for those seeking the office of president. the common assumption has been that the president ages faster and dies younger. now a study found that many presidents live longer than their peers. they live seven years longer than spuptd. month recent presidents, ronald reagan and ford were 93. the last eight presidents, seven lived longer than expected, the exception lyndon johnson who died of a heart attack. he was 64. >>> many are skipping the long waits at the hos
the demonstrators out -- out of mckeldin scare. >> jerry sandusky and his attorney waved a right to
said he was not moved. >>> we are learning more about the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. sandusky will face all victims in court. >> the victims have quite the resolve to get up there, tell their story and make the truth known. >> former pennsylvania prosecutor kathleen cain has put hundreds of abuse ares in prison. cain said the machine will be cross-examined by the defense just as in an actual trial and their identities are likely to be hidden. he had a second interview, this time with the new york times. he said they twisted his innocent mentoring into the making of a monster. >>> for some it's hard to pick up the right gift. so you take the easy route and get a gift card. depending on where you buy it, it could be risky. >> reporter: kelly, gift cards are a multibillion dollar industry and scammers want a piece of the cash. the better business bureau is warning about gift card scams, so is the federal government's internet crime center. it's prime season for scammers. with the big racks of cards it can be easy for scammers to write down the numbers or scan them. go f
. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >>> the wife of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is speaking out in support of her husband denying the charges against him. dotty spoke for the first time yesterday hours after jerry was released on bail. sandusky was taken in to police custody wednesday after new charges were filed against him based on two new accuser whose say he sexually abused him. one said he screamedded for help hoping dotty would help. that has some wondering for she could be in trouble. >> i think the attorney general's office would be hard pressed trying to pursue criminal action against dotty in the absence of direct proof that assuming which we deny, but assuming the allegations are true, that she úwc.Ñknew anything about the allegations. >> sandusky will be in court next week for a hearing but legal experts believe whatever happens at the criminal trial the couple will likely face civil lawsuits that could bankrupt them. >>> while his name has been ab cents from headlines this week, the results of a poll are out. half of those asked support the firing
all the evidence. earlier this week jerry sandusky waived his right to a preliminary hearing. >>> as the iraq war comes to an end you have to think of the 83 heros from our state that have lost their lives live lives. abc 2news with the final countdown. >> reporter: after nine years so much violence in iraq and controversy at home, the war is over. in baghdad today, the last of 4,000 troops cased the united states forced flag and will soon send home. a million and a half served here, 4500 died. >> the cost was high. the blood and treasure of the united states and also for the iraqi people. those lives have not been lost in vain. they gave their -- to an independent, free iraq. >> reporter: shaun fox is one of the last left. he was 14 when this war started. he shipped almost everything home. >> i have -- pretty much just got my bag, just a lot of clothes, and i guess the most important thing is my laptop over here, something to keep me sane waiting to go home. >> reporter: before that one more mission. he preps his men to help provide security for today's ceremony. they dr
. >> now to the latest tonight in the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. he has been arrested again, new charges brought by two new accusers. the new accuser was questioned by a grand jury, one alleged victim claims he was assaulted after meeting san doesy in 1997 and the other claims he was assaulted in 2004. sandusky is already charged with 40 counts of abuse involving eight boys over a 15 year period. he denies being a molester and has promised to fight the case. in interviews he has said he showered and horsed around with boys but never sexually abused them. >>> police in carroll are asking for your help tonight after burglars struck the same home for the second time in four months. it appears they broke in through a back door and got $26,000 of stuff. among the items were tvs, jewelry and a wardrobe of polo shirts. they took a guitar that the victim's father gave to him as a boy. >> just putting in a new door. i think he has a new security system, maybe cameras, just motion detector, light and all. >> reporter: maybe you saw something out there. anyone with information o
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8